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 Your role

Under the direction of the team leader, you contribute to the implementation of the "core" services of the Robo-asset-manager SOA architecture. You are responsible for developing one or several application services, and you work closely with the web developers who implement the digital platform on one hand, and the R&D department that develops the trading algorithm on the other hand. You pay special attention to the Robo-asset-manager reliability, and you set up the testing tools required to achieve this goal.

The main technologies used are .Net C#, SQL Server, REST API, message queuing RabbitMQ.


Experience requirements and preferred qualifications

• Graduate degree.
• At least 5 years of experience.
• Proficiency in C# with Framework versions 4.5.x.
• Good expertise in SQL Server.
• Experience with REST API and message queing.
• Experience in test tooling (unit tests, integration tests).
• Experience in agile development and continuous delivery methods.
• Ideally, you are employed or was employed as a software engineer in an investment bank, an asset management company or a hedge fund.